My Chart

So this is me...

I always like to educate through example and being vulnerable enough to share my own chart is a great way to do that. The big things I wanted to point out, which I had to learn through countless hours studying this thing, would be:

1) My Chart's Ruler in the 6th
The chart's ruler is the planet that governs the sign on the Ascendant. For me that is Scorpio, making my traditional ruler Mars (not taking into account the outer planets). Mars happens to be in the 6th house of health and work, which shows my supreme passion for the medical arts as a chosen vocation.
Physically, this placement (with Saturn in superior square) manifested as chronic constipation in my childhood and teens. Looking back at my chart it totally made sense. My Ruler, who is also dry and hot, is being strangled by a dry and cold Saturn. This produced severe cramping/dehydration tendencies in the colon, which is ruled by Scorpio.
Needless to say, I now remedy this tendency through daily water consumption, eating plant-based foods that are high in water and making sure I don't physically/mentally/emotionally overheat - which goes straight to my gut.

2) Sun, Moon and Jupiter in the 9th
The 9th house is the traditional place of Astrology. I've been studying Astrology ever since I worked in a metaphyiscal when was sixteen and this placement speaks towards my affinity for the subject. Also, I'm just good at it; partially because I am a good listener/nurture (Double Cancer), but also because I just 'get' how it all works and you could totally call my Jupiter here a 'lucky' placement.
Physically, Cancer rules the stomach and all of this activity has produced an extreme sensitivity to foods (see a theme?). So I have to be very careful with what I eat (Moon/Sun) and my tendency to bloat through over-eating (Jupiter).
Again, I mitigate this placement daily through my eating choices, intermittent fasting and keeping my physical activity level on point (Mars in superior square to the house). If I'm not working then I'm exercising, eating, or have passed out from a combination of the three.

3) Saturn as a Major Influence
One of my greatest chart teachers has been Saturn. I feel this placement constantly as a fear which holds me back (specifically in communication), so if you feel like I have something else to say I probably do and just need you to invite me to spill the beans. Despite this restriction, I do have a very authoritative and wise communication style #blessedbysaturn
Physically, Saturn does add to that drying element I already mentioned, but it is also very cooling. I default into cold. During a consult I will normally have a blanket around my legs and I avoid the AC spots in restaurants like the plague. However, hot herbal tea (warming/moistening) is one of my personal favorite remedies.

When you look at your own personal placements from both a mental/emotional and physical perspective, there is a magickal opening that occurs within the psyche. Dots are connected. Physical tendencies are explained. Innate quirks are decoded. Astrology is more than a modern attempt at sun-sign forecasting to see what color you should wear for an interview to get a promotion.
This is a science - it is also an art. There are good scientists and bad scientists. There are good artists and bad artists. Ethical and taste issues aside, we all know when someone is full of shit versus living their life with purpose and passion. I would like to think that I am doing the latter. 

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Not sure what any of this means? That's ok! You can either leave it to the professionals, or slowly start learning about it. If you want to learn I would recommend maybe scheduling a consultation with me, but definitely taking a look at my social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter).
I am currently working on mini classes and formal training through my Online School. I'll keep you posted as breakthroughs happen with that.