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So you want to learn more about yourself and the world around you? Neat. You're like me. However, please note that my consultation style is about results-oriented information. Astrology changed my life and I want it to change the world. If you let me, we can go on that journey together.


I am an educator. Even during consults I'll try to slip in astro-lessons. So it only makes sense that I create formal training on the way I practice my astrological technique. I do this through my Social Media channels and Weekly Forecasts. Yes, I can run your chart and talk with you about it, but there is so much more to learn. We can also do some one-to-one mentoring.

So, Who is Sam?

I am a successful business owner with ten+ years in the medical field. I happen to be very good with people, despite being a highly sensitive introvert. As the name suggests I have Scorpio rising, with both my Sun and Moon in Cancer. That makes me a triple Water person with a dark side who just wants to make sure you're ok. 


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